"Those who boldly step into the trust arena will become top salespeople and business professionals."

Liz Wendling

Author of The Heart of Authentic Selling


"Larry has written a masterpiece that lives its mantra of trust, where the writing is warm, draws you in, full of nostalgia, actionable, and, most of all, from the heart."

Todd Caponi

Author of The Transparency Sale and The Transparent Sales Leader


"Larry Levine’s new book, Selling In A Post Trust World stresses personal growth and development as keys to success in business and sales."

Bernadette McClelland

Author of SHIFT and DISRUPT: Stop Selling Widgets. Start Selling Wisdom


"In Selling from the Heart, Larry gave you permission to love your customers. In Selling in a Post-Trust World, Larry gives you the formula for how to turn that emotion into long-term success."

Jeff Bajorek

Consultant, Author, and Host of the Rethink the Way You Sell Podcast


"Selling in a Post-Trust World presents the recipe for relationships to flourish founded in deep trust that builds client loyalty."

Lee Salz

Author of Sales Differentiation and Sell Different!


"The soft skills that Larry teaches will transform people’s personal lives and catapult them to more success and lasting relationships."

Tia Graham

Author of Be a Happy Leader


"Do yourself a favor as you read this book: don’t read it fast; instead, read a page or two and stop to reflect on what you just read."

Mark Hunter

Author of A Mind For Sales


"Larry delivers relatable, practical, and inspirational advice that empowers us all to be more authentic."

Carson V. Heady

Author of Salesman on Fire


"I am a big proponent of working on the right end of the problem. And Selling in a Post-Trust World does just that by specifically addressing how and why lack of authenticity leads to lack of trust."

Colleen Stanley

Author of Emotional Intelligence for Sales Leadership